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High-Resolution Walkman®

NW-ZX2 Hi-Res Audio Digital Music Player

The all-new ZX2 Walkman® digital music player delivers impressive, on the go audio performance. Start with a precision, gold-plated, copper chassis and add high-power circuitry paired to an S-Master® HX digital amplifier and high-output battery, and you can count on sweet, soothing, and natural sound.


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Additional Features Specifications

Optimized chassis with side-mounted controls

A gold-plated, copper chassis delivers high-rigidity with low impedance, the ideal base from which to deliver superb audio reproduction. Side-mounted controls allow for natural play/pause and track navigation when stowed in a jacket pocket or even when using the supplied leather carrying case.

High-efficiency electronics

A low-impedance, thick film, copper foil Printed Circuit Board Assembly optimized for superior power delivery, renders an ultra-low noise-floor for enhanced spatial response and tonality-a listening experience that sounds and feels real.

Sophisticated sound

S-Master® HX digital amplification circuitry with enhanced power supply and high-power output stage delivers sophisticated and transparent audio reproduction.

Dual clock oscillators

As is the case with our line of Hi-Res headphone DAC/Amplifiers, dual dedicated clock circuits allow for switching between 44.1kHz (44.1/88.2/176.4kHz, CD/DSD) and 48kHz (48/96/192kHz), depending on music file sampling frequency. The benefit of reducing DA conversion timing inaccuracies is enhanced sound stage integrity and audio response, for superior noise and distortion-free audio reproduction.


DSEE HX offers natural sound with a spacious feel by revitalizing the audio signal and also restoring the high frequency sounds stripped by the audio compression process to near hi-resolution sound quality.

Drag, drop and go

With a Walkman® player, you are never tied to just one music service. Easily drag and drop files from either iTunes® or Windows® Media and enjoy.

Vivid, touchscreen display

The 4.0” FWVGA TRILUMINOS™ LCD touchscreen display with OptiContrast panel delivers outstandingly vivid album artwork, photos, and even videos.

Google™ Android™

Not just a familiar face, Google™ Android™ and dual-band Wi-Fi® affords the ZX2 access to: Gmail, Google Search, Google+, Google Play Books, Music, Movies & TV, Games and the Google Play Store.

Dual band Wi-Fi®

Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi® support also allows users to access and share music stored on other DLNA enabled devices.

USB Digital output

When used with a compatible device, such as a PHA-3 Headphone DAC/Amplifier, pairing the two using the USB Digital output can result in lossless interconnectivity and a purer listening experience.

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