Hi-Res Integrated 2-Channel Amplifier

Integrated stereo amplifier with FET input buffer, SEPP hi-current amp and intelligent BIAS control


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Innovative I-Array™ tweeter system

Sony’s innovative I-Array™ tweeter system achieves the wide dispersion and ambience of original recordings and movie dialogue without adding any unnatural artifacts to the sound. The result is smooth highs with increased resolution, broader soundstage and a delicate but precise sound image.

Flexible zone distribution

Flexible zone distribution capability allows a Z-Series receiver to distribute audio/video sources (HDMI and analog) to the 1st and 2nd zones in varying configurations providing expanded options.

Optimum gain volume control

Optimum gain volume (ver. 2) combines electronic volume with a discrete buffer amp co-developed by Sony. It boasts massively reduced gain error and sound quality superior to conventional volume controls.

SEEP & hi current amp

In developing this amplifier, we focused on achieving a structure that enables high output even with a single PP circuit. Generally, large-output amps employ a power amp stage with multiple transistors to achieve high current output volume, but transistors do not perform identically and emitter resistance is used to stabilize transistor variations. In this amp, however, the power amp stage features only one pair of transistors and a design that eliminates variations in each channel at the source, enabling elimination of variation-controlling emitter resistance as well.

With this design, transistors drive the speakers directly, which contributes to more character-free sound quality.

Toroidal Transformer

Based on sound quality considerations, a large, Sony proprietary, toroidal transformer was integrated, featuring a 300VA rating-the highest in its class, in addition to a rated capacitance of 24000μF per channel.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)

To reflect the growing popularity of premium-quality headphones, this amp includes a specialized discrete amp with gain optimized to match headphone impedance.

Make a secure connection

Poor component connections can have a significant impact on overall sound quality. The new screw-type terminals and deluxe quality shaved pin, 0.71 in pitch jack ensure a tight, secure fit between the amp and your components, reducing the chances of sound degradation.

Independent HP-AMP

When turned on, the DSEE offers natural sound with a spacious feel by restoring high frequency sound and the tail shape of the waveform that likely disappears during the audio compression process.